New Color

Professionalism and environmental respect

Excellence and Sustainability in Powder Coating

Established in 1995, New Color brings over thirty years of expertise in powder coating. Growing steadily, we have evolved from a third-party powder coating service to a reliable partner and consultant for our clients.

Specializing in powder coating for metals and alloys, our extensive experience, technological investments, state-of-the-art facilities, and stringent quality control make us the preferred partner for leading Italian brands. 

We also cater to artisans and carpenters, offering top-quality services

Our commitment to growth, technological advancement, and environmental respect remains unwavering.

Your partner for powder painting

Customer satisfaction is our company mission: not only in objectives, but especially in daily operations. 

We aim to offer products, services, and consultations that can meet diverse needs, helping our clients develop their own business.

Our goal is to establish a close relationship with customers, understand their needs, solve their problems, and recommend solutions to optimize the costs of their projects.

All of this is achieved through commitment, professionalism, demonstrating efficiency and responsibility, resulting in continuously growing trust from our clientele towards our company.


In addition to a painting service resistant to humidity, rain, fumes, gases, mists, and all kinds of atmospheric agents, New Color is able to offer:

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