Painting plant and process

Advanced Powder Coating Facility

New Color boasts one of the most advanced and innovative powder coating facilities in the industry. 

Equipped with cutting-edge technology and high production capacity, the facility features a 22-meter feed rail and a large front-loading tunnel. 

This allows us to coat pieces up to 12 meters in length, 2.6 meters in height, and weighing up to 1500 kg.

With modern technologies and computerized management, New Color can process a wide range of materials, ensuring excellent results.

System Components

The system is composed of:

To ensure durability and uniform results, New Color uses high-quality, non-toxic paints compliant with current European regulations. 

For products exposed to weather and environmental elements, we utilize polyester powders from Akzonobel and accredited suppliers. 

All powders used are produced by certified companies, ensuring top-tier quality and safety.

Painting Process

The material is checked to verify that there is no organic and inorganic dirt (oxide, rust, galvanizing residues, grease…) in this case a first inspection will be carried out manual cleaning by specialized operators. The check continues with the inspection of hanging holes, pre-treatment drain holes and holes or threaded pins to be masked.
Based on the items to be painted, the New Color system provides the possibility of managing the pre-treatment to be carried out: specifically PHOSPHODICKING.
The material is subjected to the washing tunnel with a first rinse with tap water, then a second rinse always with tap water, finally to a nebulization with demineralized water and to passivation.
Through the drying oven, regulated at a temperature between 130° and 200°, the supports, perfectly dry, are suitable for the subsequent painting phase.

The semi-automatic painting booth,
has 12 robots equipped with electrostatic guns, a manual touch-up at the entrance and one at the exit in case further intervention is necessary.

The product passes through the polymerization oven, for a time that varies based on its thickness, at an average temperature between 170/200°.
At the end of the cycle, quality control is carried out on the product and then unloading takes place. Upon request, further technical tests are carried out in our laboratory to evaluate the quality parameters required in the technical data sheet or by specific regulations. The packaging operation is carried out with standard procedures such as to preserve the contents, or otherwise, according to specific instructions from the customer.

Small and large quantities

Thanks to the innovative, computerized plant, with its painting cabin with 12 industrial robots and manual touch-up gun, New Color works products of varying dimensions, from small items to pieces of significant proportions (up to 12 m in length, 2.60 m in height and a maximum weight of 1500 Kg).

We can treat a wide variety of products, from small interior design pieces to major urban constructions. Whatever your need, New Color guarantees uniform color, resistance and long life.

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