About Us

At its site in San Donà di Piave, New Color performs epoxy powder painting of metal objects on a subcontracting basis. The company, founded in the early 1980s, has vast experience in the painting of interior design and metal carpentry works.

Always with an eye to new market trends and new application methodologies, in 2003 New Color installed a new epoxy powder painting plant at its 4,000 m2 site. The new, totally automated technology can paint pieces up to 12 meters in length, 2.60 meters in height weighing a maximum of 1500 kg.

New Color has many customers and can meet the needs of various sectors such as: urban design, lighting, industrial logistics, heating-plumbing, construction, etc.

Well known throughout the northeastern Italy, in recent years, the company has made its mark on the national and international scene.

Besides painting, the company can also supply packaging materials for the treated products and, upon request, can even ship these products with their own vehicles.
In order to guarantee resistance in time and uniform results, New Color uses high quality powder paints, all strictly non-toxic and compliant with European standards.

The 12-person staff guarantees prompt, efficient service; it is always up to date and offers the professionalism and competence it has accrued through years of experience.
Seriousness and commitment, innovation and a passion for research: together with environmental protection, these are the values on which New Color has laid its foundations.

Professionalism and environment respect

Thanks to its vast experience and professionalism, New Color is well recognized in the field of epoxy powder painting, both in Italy and abroad. Thanks to its passion for research and innovation, this a dynamic company has grown steadily, always attuned to environmentally-friendly policies and strategies.