Advantages of powder painting

Epoxy powder paint guarantees superb mechanical resistance as well as resistance to chemicals and corrosion.

This method is replacing traditional liquid paints because it offers numerous advantages from both the technical and environmental points of view.

Here is a brief list of the advantages offered by epoxy painting:

  • long life
  • uniform color
  • attractiveness
  • resistance to thermal strains and the effects of the weather
  • greater impact resistance
  • lower costs than conventional painting
  • fast, easy, automatic application
  • labor and energy savings
  • greater worker safety
  • no toxic, flammable solvents
  • absolutely no atmospheric emissions

Professionalism and environment respect

Thanks to its vast experience and professionalism, New Color is well recognized in the field of epoxy powder painting, both in Italy and abroad. Thanks to its passion for research and innovation, this a dynamic company has grown steadily, always attuned to environmentally-friendly policies and strategies.