Naturally environmentally friendly

Powder paint fits well with a policy of ecosustainability since it produces no solvent emissions and the plant recovers nearly all the powder used in the treatments.

The New Color painting plant has upgraded the powder recovery vents; thus it does not release any polluting substances into the atmosphere.

Moreover, it must be pointed out that the powders used do not contain any harmful substances such as lead, which is dangerous for both man and the environment.

Here are the advantages for the environment:

  • energy savings
  • no toxic, flammable solvents
  • absolutely no atmospheric emissions

Professionalism and environment respect

Thanks to its vast experience and professionalism, New Color is well recognized in the field of epoxy powder painting, both in Italy and abroad. Thanks to its passion for research and innovation, this a dynamic company has grown steadily, always attuned to environmentally-friendly policies and strategies.