Pre-treatment and Washing

The heat galvanized pieces are washed with a phosphorous-based cleaning agent at 50°C. This is followed by two rinses with demineralized water and a final zinc passivation phase. The wash cycle lasts approximately 45 minutes out of a total 3-hour painting cycle.

It must be pointed out that, for any other type of ferrous material, besides the phosphorous-based cleaning, there is also a phosphorous-based degreasing step, again performed at 50°C. Both these steps serve to better remove any grease from the pieces, thus improving application of the paint powder and guaranteeing that it holds.


  • complete removal of oxides (white rust)
  • removal of the GAMMA T surface layer of the steel-zinc alloy, up to a thickness of 0.5-1 μ (micron)
  • surface pickling to increase the hold and roughness of the surface
  • formation of a complex, zinc phosphate surface layer that also offers temporary protection against FLASH RUSTING
  • complete dissolution of the removed zinc in the bath
  • non-chrome passivation of the surface to enhance anticorrosive hold
  • final wash with demineralized water having a low µS (microsiemens) value, thus ensuring that all salts are total dissolved
  • chemical control of the process parameters to achieve standard operating values
  • low environmental impact, all non-toxic products

From what is described, the objectives reached can be summarized as follows:

  • adhesion
  • corrosion-proofing
  • easy use
  • broad conversion range
  • ability to apply with finishing coat and/or cataphoretic base coat

Professionalism and environment respect

Thanks to its vast experience and professionalism, New Color is well recognized in the field of epoxy powder painting, both in Italy and abroad. Thanks to its passion for research and innovation, this a dynamic company has grown steadily, always attuned to environmentally-friendly policies and strategies.